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How To Make a Home Gym Suitable For Building Muscle

Forget all those ads for home gyms like Bowflex and other machine oriented gyms. If you want to build muscle and pack on mass then you are going to have to do it for free weights. Creating a home gym … Continue reading

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Top Dumbbell Bodybuilding Exercises

Dumbbells are often the forgotten tool in bodybuilding. With the advent of machines, the popularity of dumbbells declined. The problem with that is the reduction in stabilizing muscle involvement. The muscles that stabilize the joints during a free weight lift … Continue reading

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Health Facts On Green Tea

Green tea has received a lot of press lately. It has moved from the fields of the Far East to the world market. It has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The Western culture has begun to … Continue reading

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All About The Bodybuilding Supplement ZMA

ZMA is an all natural supplement that was developed by Victor Conte, in California. He trademarked the name of this patent pending product under the company SNAC, Inc. The company has made claims that it increases testosterone and insulin-like growth … Continue reading

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Top Foods That Build Muscle

Best Foods That Build Muscle So what are some of the best foods that build muscle and lose weight?  When looking to build muscle a good ratio of carbs to protein to fat would be around 50% 30% 20%. Remember … Continue reading

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Healthy?

Artificial sweeteners can be found in tons of drinks, candies, and desserts. Foods that are labeled “Sugar-free” are common places where these sweeteners might be found. They are also often put in foods that are naturally sweet, after the sugar … Continue reading

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Differences Between a Powerlifter and Bodybuilder

Powerlifters Powerlifting and bodybuilding are two different sides of the same coin. They both require a dedication to intense workouts. Both sports require competitors to get on a stage and show the effects of their hard work. There are also … Continue reading

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