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My Current Workout Program

I have been really dedicated to my workout program the last few months. I am looking to add some more muscle during the winter.  My workout mainly consists of the compund lifts with a few accessory lifts.  I am working … Continue reading

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Dumbbell Versus Barbell Exercises

Dumbbells versus barbells. This is a battle with a clear line drawn in the sand. Proponents on each side have strong beliefs about why their weapon of choice is the best. If you listen to one side long enough they … Continue reading

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Shoulders Make The Man

The first thing anyone notices when they see a bodybuilder for the first time is their shoulders. It doesn’t matter if it’s a face-to-face meeting or just a glimpse from across the gym. The shoulders cap the arms and frame … Continue reading

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Setting Training Goals

So you have decided to become a bodybuilder, you have joined a gym, you purchased some fancy workout clothes and are prepared to build up a few calluses on your hands…what next? Well, the only person who can decide what’s … Continue reading

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How To Gain Weight

How To Gain Muscle Weight With the emphasis in society today so heavily focused on weight loss, there are much fewer resources for those looking to gain weight. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact the methods are … Continue reading

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Bigger Triceps Mean Bigger Arms

Many people underestimate the importance of well developed triceps in the physique of a bodybuilder. When in fact the triceps makes up just more than 3/4’s of the upper arm. There’s nothing more effective for making the upper arm seem … Continue reading

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Examination Of Core Exercises

In the repertoire of any bodybuilder should be several exercises known as core movements. These movements are most effectively used to directly stimulate all of the major muscle groups, i.e. arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and back, while providing indirect stimulation … Continue reading

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Easy Ways To Increase Muscle Gains

For some of us it might be enough to simply go through the motions; to lift without attention and focus. Though, for most of us, gaining muscle will require a great deal of concentration, focus and adaptive training. For the … Continue reading

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Machine Weights Versus Free Weights

The argument about whether free weights or machines are better for getting results is passionate on both sides. You need results, so we breakdown the argument from both sides. We’ll examine the facts and then make some decisions about what … Continue reading

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Five Exercises For Building Chest Size

The chest is the trophy piece of every person who tries to gain muscle mass. As much as we can tell you not to neglect the other areas of your workout, you, like everyone else, will put a little more … Continue reading

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