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30 Minute Free Weights Workout Routine

Why free weights workout routines? If you are trying to build muscle and gain some muscle mass then free weight exercises are going to be more effective than machines. Free weights are better than machines because you will be working … Continue reading

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Strength Training Vs. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders do strength training exercises right? Right. So, strength training and bodybuilding must be the same right? Wrong. Bodybuilders need to do a little more than simple strength training. A bodybuilder needs to use a balanced program that focuses on … Continue reading

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Muscle Soreness

Bodybuilders are certainly not strangers to muscle soreness. Anyone who trains with weights, or does any intense anaerobic exercise, knows the muscle soreness that accompanies it. This soreness is due to a combination of factors. The thing to remember is … Continue reading

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Hypertrophy and Building Muscle

Hypertrophy by definition is the increase in organ size due to an increase in cellular size, rather than an increase in cell numbers. Hyperplasia, in contrast, is the increase in size due to an increase in the number of cells. … Continue reading

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Build Massive Forearms Without Stepping Foot In a Gym

Unless you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, your forearms are always exposed and visible. Despite that fact, forearms get no love in the gym. Continue reading

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Measuring Body Fat

Most bodybuilders are intimately familiar with body fat. The freakishly ripped and striated bodybuilders catch everyone’s attention. Low body fat is the goal of every competitive bodybuilder, and most casual trainers. So, to start, what is body fat? What is … Continue reading

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Eat These 7 “Cheat” Meals Without Killing Your Results

It’s finally cheat day as you turn into your local Mc Donald’s drive-thru. Even though you drank nothing but water at the bar on Friday night and ate steamed broccoli for dessert, you can’t help but hear that little voice in your head: “you worked so hard, and your throwing it away with a nasty, greasy meal”. Continue reading

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Build Muscle Fast

Build Muscle Fast When writing articles recently I noticed how popular this search term really is, so I thought I would write an article about the topic. Let’s take a look at it closely – build muscle fast. The first … Continue reading

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Can You be Vegan and Buff at the Same Time?

When most people think of the word “protein”, the first thing that pops into their minds is a giant slab of meat on dinner plate.

However, as more and more research emerges regarding the potential harm of a meat-centric diet, many bodybuilders are turning towards veganism as a way to take care of their long-term health. Continue reading

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4 Artificial Sweeteners That Won’t Hurt Your Body

It’s not easy being ripped. While the guy in front of you at Starbucks orders his second blueberry muffin of the day, you grab your bland dark roast. You want to go for the pink or blue packet, but your hand trembles at the thought of what that stuff is made out of. Continue reading

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