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Top 10 Bodybuilding Mantras

The big push in the diet and fitness world is to become centered and get the mind and body working together. There is actually scientific proof that this is effective. When the mind and body are working together the central … Continue reading

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Jumping Your Way To Bodybuilding Success (Plyometrics and bodybuilding)

Many bodybuilders rely on weight training as their sole means of building muscle. They focus their training programs around the use of weights and machines. This philosophy leads to athletes missing out on some very effective training programs. Plyometrics training … Continue reading

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Mass Times Acceleration: A Formula for Size

In physics, Newton’s Second Law states that mass times acceleration equals force. In bodybuilding, mass times acceleration equals a force to be reckoned with. Explosive training is a great tool in the bodybuilder’s toolbox for developing hard, thick, strong muscles. … Continue reading

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Blast Through Plateaus With These Intensity Boosters

Plateaus can be frustrating for bodybuilders, strength athletes, traditional athletes, and the fitness enthusiast. That sudden halt in progress that seems like a roadblock can deter even the most committed athlete. The sad part is, most plateaus are products of … Continue reading

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Eating Well While on The Road

Nutrition on the Road Eating while on the road is usually pretty easy. There are many restaurant and store options along most highways. However, if you want to eat healthy while your on the road you have to think outside … Continue reading

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