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Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids are synthetic versions of the naturally produced testosterone in the human body. The human body produces the sex hormone, testosterone, to guide production of many male characteristics during puberty. Females produce a small amount of testosterone naturally, as … Continue reading

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My 5×5 Workout Review

If you have been following the built fit forums, then you might have read that I have been doing a 5×5 workout program recently. In case you are not familiar with a 5×5 workout, then check it the article I … Continue reading

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How To Stay Motivated to Workout and Eat Well

Let’s face it; sometimes it is difficult for us to accomplish our goals without motivation. Motivation keeps us on track and reminds us of what we are trying to accomplish and why. It is funny that a simple comment about … Continue reading

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Convenience Store Dieting

Convenience store dieting? Is that the newest fad diet? No, it is simply a fact of life. If you travel or work away from home, it is a given fact that you will need to hit a convenience store once … Continue reading

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Bodyweight Exercises to Build Muscle

Most bodybuilders, once they reach a certain stage in their training and development, shy away from bodyweight exercises. They assume these exercises have no value and you cannot build muscle. Most intermediate to advanced bodybuilders are using weight above their … Continue reading

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