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Brad Pitt Fight Club and Troy Workouts

When celebrities train their bodies in order to fit the character in a movie, they REALLY train their bodies and commit to a serious regime that can include cutting out certain foods and increasing the intake of others. When Brad … Continue reading

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Best Muscle Building Foods

Lifting weights will tear down the muscle to provide the push to build back stronger. Rest after the workouts will provide the time for the repair to take place. The most important piece after that is providing the right foods … Continue reading

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Muscle Building without Weights

Is it possible to Build Muscle without Weights? Although it isn’t the most efficient way to build muscle, it is still possible to build muscle without weights. Remember to build muscle not only do you need to train your muscles … Continue reading

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Mix up Your Diet with These Protein Alternatives

Traditionally protein intake has been monitored as it was linked to high cholesterol, increased lipid levels and heart problems, but protein intake is crucial for growth. Protein consists of chains of amino acids that are used to grow hair, nails, … Continue reading

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