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How to Lose Fat: The Definitive Guide

If there is an issue that will get people arguing more than Democrats and Republicans over health care, it is how to lose fat. Thousands of books, articles, and web pages are dedicated to answer the simple question: “how can … Continue reading

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Stop the Weekend From Derailing Diet Results

Just when you thought your Sunday tradition of football, buffalo wings, and a pitcher of beer was safe, a new study out of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut finds that weekend eating can be detrimental to your weight –even if you … Continue reading

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6 Sports For A World Class Physique

If you rather spend time in Riker’s Island than your local gym, you may want to consider taking up a sport to get your fitness fix. However, most sports do little to get your body ready for the beach. Stick with these sports that are not only fun, but build a muscular, lean physique. Continue reading

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5 Old School Exercises That Build Mass

There’s a classic montage n Rocky IV that contrasts the training styles of Rocky and his Russian opponent, Drago. While Drago is using sophisticated equipment (at least by 1985 standards) to train for the brawl, Rocky is outside running in the snow, chopping wood, and carrying boulders. I’m sure you know by now who came out on top. Continue reading

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Escape the 8-12 Rep Range and Grow

Does your rep range of 8-12 feel like a 9-5? If you’re bored with your workouts (and your results), then it’s time to leave the 8-12 rep comfort zone for a bit. Most hardcore bodybuilders feel that mixing up rep ranges is one of the best ways to blast through plateaus and re-stimulate muscle growth. Continue reading

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Fight Overtraining With These 4 Supplements

Have your gains over the last few months taken more of a dive than Obama’s approval rating? Before you try doing more, it may be time to actually do less. That’s because overtraining, a clinical condition that causes fatigue, poor performance, and even depression may be what’s ailing you. Continue reading

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