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Get The Body You Always Wanted: A Superhero’s

We have all spent countless hours as kids locked in our room plowing through a giant stack of comic books. When we were not staring at the bursting bosoms of the damsels in distress vividly illustrated on the pages of … Continue reading

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Can you Turn Fat Into Muscle?

You cannot flip through an exercise magazine without seeing an ad with two pictures: the first is of a chubby pale guy holding a newspaper and the second is supposedly the same guy –only he is now tan, blonde, and … Continue reading

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Sick of Rehab? Try Pre-Hab!

If there is something that hampers progress more than missed gym sessions, extra dessert, and skipped meals…its injuries. Not only does an injury keep you from growing, but also it keeps you out of the temple you love: the gym! … Continue reading

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Reinventing The Wheel: The Amazing, Underrated Ab Wheel!

You may have seen it collecting dust in a lonely corner of your gym: the gimmicky-looking ab-wheel. It’s something that you might expect to see on a late-night infomercial and not on any fitness buffs training regimen. Sure enough, the … Continue reading

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Blowtorch Love Handles With These 3 Exercises

Love handles might hold the record for most flattering name for an unwanted body part. Actually, “unwanted” doesn’t begin to cover it –an ocean of ink has been spilled by writers claiming to hold the formula that will cause much-hated … Continue reading

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Bench Press 1,075 Lbs: Advice From The World Record Holder

If you’re putting up 360lbs or more on a bench press, you may have the world record –if it was still 1898. A lot has changed since Georg Hackenschmidt held the now-laughable record in the late 1800′s. Ryan Kennelly – … Continue reading

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Avoid Lite Foods Like The Plague!

It seems that no food in today’s world is complete without its light (or “lite”) counterpart. Sure, the idea that you can have your reduced-fat cake and eat it too may sound like a win-win, but new research shows that … Continue reading

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5 Tasty Foods That Burn Fat

It is the holy grail of fitness: delicious food that does not get stored in your gut, but actually burns away the fat that is already there. While the covers of supermarket checkout line magazines love to tout the wonders … Continue reading

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