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All About Boot Camp Workouts

Now hear this! Do you think most people coming out of Basic or AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) are pudgy and weak? Hell no! And can you imagine why it might be in the military’s best interests to make sure that … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Blast Your Muscles Past Plateaus and Into New Growth

If you are a hard core gym rat, you have no doubt experienced the embarrassing frustration (or perhaps the frustrating embarrassment) of hitting a plateau. As a person who wants to grow larger and stronger, you set lofty goals. And … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Accelerating Muscle Recovery

Yeah yeah, you’re such a busy person. You have all of these goals you have to accomplish, and they should have been done yesterday. Just keep charging ahead there, Jocko, and you will most likely end up hitting a wall. … Continue reading

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How to Get a Bigger Butt

Freddie Mercury most likely said it best with, “Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ‘round.” But of course, some ladies simply are not blessed with a naturally “bubblicious” butt. But in the same way most men aren’t … Continue reading

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Fat Loss Supplements – Are They Worth It?

A lot has been written about supplements that allow people to lose fat while still being able to practice lazy, listless habits and eat large amounts of crappy food. Most of this writing is little more than thinly veiled advertising … Continue reading

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Get Navy Seal Fit, If You Can

he Navy Seals were formed as a response to the Army Rangers, and as such have to work out harder than just about anybody else. The following is a transcription and explanation of the Navy Seal Level 1 workout, broken … Continue reading

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High-Fat Foods That Won’t Make You Fat

Western scientists made a very strange observation about 50 years ago, in studying native Inuit and Intuit peoples (who are commonly called “Eskimos” – but they hate that, and they have spears). See, these people are renowned for eating extremely … Continue reading

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