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Does Creatine Help Build Muscle

Creatine has often been attributed to aid in the building of muscle fibers especially for people intent on building stronger muscles. There has been some mystery associated with the positive and negative affects additional creatine supplements may have on the … Continue reading

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Get Healthier, Bigger and Stronger by Working These 6 Underrated Muscles

Every muscle in your body is important. And no matter where a muscle may be on your body, if you do not work it beyond its normal work load (a state of rest that is the default for most muscles), … Continue reading

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Five Muscle-building Myths: Are They Weakening Your Workout?

On the surface, bodybuilding looks easy. All you really need to do is pick up something heavy, hold it for a set amount of time, and then put it down, repeating several times. However, just as a recipe is more … Continue reading

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Eat Lean and Mean, With International Cuisine

There is no place in the world in which every single person looks like they should have their own exercise video. As people get older and more sedentary, it stands to reason that they should put on a few “grampa … Continue reading

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Be a Human Road Runner: Get Faster with These Training Techniques

You do not need a coyote with a maxed-out credit card trying to make a meal out of you to go from being an okay runner to being spry and untouchable. The following tips are useful for getting the absolute … Continue reading

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