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Strongman Training vs Powerlifing and Bodybuilding

Before strength sports were categorized into weightlifting/powerlifting and bodybuilding, they were referred to as “strongman” sports. In the 19th century, these sports were popular circus attractions. The “strongmen” would perform great feats of strength, power, and agility to wow the … Continue reading

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Are your Overtraining?

Overtraining is probably the saddest way to fail at bodybuilding. When a beginning bodybuilder succumbs to overtraining and its harrowing symptoms, it usually means that he has what it takes to build great muscle mass and become a giant in … Continue reading

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Why Compound Exercises Need to be the Foundation of Your Strength Training

We all know that if you only had three exercises in your weight training arsenal, they would be the Big Three: the bench press, barbell squats, and the deadlift. But what a lot of people never think about is why … Continue reading

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What to Look for in a Gym

What do you even need a gym for? You have hills and stairs to run up, heavy rocks/tires/whatever to lift and carry, and body weight and friends to heft around. When you master those things, THEN you should consider going … Continue reading

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Just Because Your Shoulder is Hurt Does not Mean Your Chest Has to Suffer

If you have ever had a shoulder injury, you do not need me to tell you how much it stinks. You just never realize how vital those deltoids are, until some part of them (often the ligaments keeping them in … Continue reading

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Are Protein Shakes Safe?

“Ready to Drink” (RTD) protein supplements have come under attack in an article featured in Consumer Reports July 2010 issue. The claims are based upon a study conducted by Consumer Reports that found that these supplements expose consumers to dangerous … Continue reading

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