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Losing Fat Without Losing Muscle

Today’s abundance of unhealthy food choices and fast-paced lifestyle have caused many people to struggle with weight gain. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, however, is important for good health. A good diet and exercise plan is essential to prevent … Continue reading

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Get Bigger Forearms with These Exercises

If your unshapely forearms are starting to get you down, try some muscle building exercises that really do the job of increasing the size and overall musculature of your lower arm. Forearms can be one of the toughest muscles in … Continue reading

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Creating a Bulking Diet

Proteins are the essential building blocks of the muscles and bodily structure. Every single cell contains some form of protein, including enzymes, amino acids, and some hormones, such as insulin. Protein builds muscles; carbohydrates fuel muscles and fat is necessary … Continue reading

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Ideal amount of sleep for athletes

In order to achieve their peak performance, athletes are required to follow a lifestyle filled with strength and endurance building routines, a proper diet, and of course the proper amount of sleep. While diet and exercise go hand in hand … Continue reading

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Boosting Testosterone for the Weight Trainer

Testosterone is a steroid hormone mainly secreted by the testes. At the pinnacle of its power, testosterone builds muscle mass, increases sexual pleasure, and improves your overall fitness. The fact that testosterone is absolutely critical to increasing muscle mass makes … Continue reading

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