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Alcohol Effects on Fat Loss

Most diets suggest little or no alcohol during the diet. Most do not give a reason, but it is part of the program. The reason, even though they don’t state it, is that alcohol consumption can be counterproductive to the … Continue reading

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5 Healthy Snacks to Help Build Muscle

Diet plays a very important part in a person’s health and well being. Contrary to traditional beliefs, today’s nutritionists are recommending shying away from three large meals and replacing them with five to six smaller meals and snacks throughout the … Continue reading

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Two Tickets to The Gun Show: How to Increase Your Bicep Size

Getting large biceps may seem difficult, but there are only a few steps people need to follow in order to get them. Increase Bicep Size: Rest Up The issue with many people today is that when they work out and … Continue reading

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