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So, Are You Fat or Not? The Truth About Body Composition

Body composition is a big deal to most people in the world. Some people would have called this article something bland, like “how to accurately your body composition at home,” or some such silliness. But while that might attract the … Continue reading

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Get Off Your Arse and Live –The Dangers of Constant Sitting

Is most of your physical activity directly related to fetching yet another snack? Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to sit around all day watching TV or messing around on the computer. It doesn’t matter how much your … Continue reading

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Cardio vs. Weight Training

The question, of which type of exercise is better, cardio or weight training, is often asked by beginning exercisers.  They often try to determine what exercise they should be doing to lose weight, build muscle, or a combination of the … Continue reading

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