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Best Protein Sources for You and the Environment

Determining which sources of protein are healthy for your body is often challenging. Combine looking for heart and body healthy protein with options that are good for the environment and finding the best sources of protein is further complicated. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Help Stay Motivated Towards your Workout or Diet

As you get going with your workout and diet program, one thing that you’re very likely to experience at some point or another is lulls in motivation. Simply put, there are going to be those days when you just can’t … Continue reading

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More Muscle, Less Time: How Busy People Can Get Ripped

Professional bodybuilders give people the (wrong) impression that building muscle requires massive amounts of investment in time. If both time and muscle are scarce resources for you then be relieved to hear that it doesn’t take an appreciable amount of … Continue reading

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Is Fasting the Fast Track to Fat Loss?

Until recently, fasting was something done for religious reasons or in a desperate attempt to lose weight. No more. A red hot new trend called intermittent fasting is creating a deafening buzz in fitness and health circles around the world. … Continue reading

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