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Meal Planning for Fat Loss

A fat loss diet doesn’t have to be overly complicated. There’s no need to restrict any food groups entirely or have to live off pills. Continue reading

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The Basics of Creating a Powerlifting Routine, Part 1

Powerlifting is fundamentally about brute strength; it’s not especially elegant or sophisticated. Learn how to plan and create a powerlifting routine today. Continue reading

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Creating a Workout Routine for Fat Loss

When it comes to training for fat loss, it can be a minefield of information out there. Learn how to plan an effective fat loss routine here. Continue reading

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Adding Size to Those Skinny Legs

Tired of looking like an apple on a stick? Are you ready to round out your musculature? Start doing the exercises and follows these tips to get stronger and larger legs. Continue reading

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Exercises and Training Techniques to Increase Speed and Quickness

Speed and quickness are both incredibly important attributes when playing sport. The number one thing to remember when training for speed is this – To increase your speed on the sports field, you must train with speed in the gym. Continue reading

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An Easy Change to Lower Body Fat

Here is an easy change you can make to your diet to lower your body fat: replace starchy foods with vegetables as a carbohydrate source. When your body breaks down simple carbs it happens quickly, so you get an energy boost right away. Continue reading

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Getting The Jump Start On Your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year 2012 upon us, many of you may be starting to think about what you’re going to set for your New Year’s resolutions. Every year many people set resolutions that are related to health and fitness but … Continue reading

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