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Best Upper Ab Workouts and Exercises

The upper abdominals make up the majority of the abdominal muscle. They are the most prominent part of the “six-pack.” They are not, however, exclusive of the lower abdominals. The entire abdominal muscle is worked during abdominal exercises, but it … Continue reading

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Tips to Lose Fat and Build Muscle Simultaneously

Losing fat and building muscle at first glance look to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. One requires reducing calories and increasing activity levels while the other requires increasing calories and changing the activity level. However, when planned properly, … Continue reading

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Simple Fat Loss Tips: Sticking To The Basics

Fat loss is not a simple game. If it were there would be far fewer overweight people around. For most people, it is not lack of trying that keeps them fat; it is often lack of knowledge that keeps them … Continue reading

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