24/7 Fat Loss

24/7 Fat Loss24/7 Fat Loss Review

24/7 Fat Loss is a complete fat loss program that uses brand new metabolic resistance training workouts that have a massive afterburn combined with a nutrient timing style diet that keeps the body in a fat burning state all day long.

It is created by by Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne, who are both well known in the fitness industry – with an expertise in personal training, fitness, and nutrition.

Thus, 24/7 fat loss.

The whole idea of the program is to continue top burn fat all day long with morning workouts and carbs in the morning on workout days. On non workout days carbs are keep low to keep insulin low.

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24/7 Fat Loss Diet

There are two main parts to the program – the nutrition manual and workout plan. The nutrition manual is over 60 pages of high quality content about the diet itself.

You will get a detailed schedule on what types of meals to eat during each day of the meal. Meals are broken down by either fat/protein meals or fat/carbs meals. The schedule provided tells you exactly how many meals to eat per day and of what type.

24-7 Fat Loss Workout

There are a variety of workouts included in the 24-7 Workout program.  Some of the exercise types include bodyweight exercises, dumbbell exercises, compound exercises, isolation exercises, and full body exercises.  The workouts will never seem boring or to repetitive as you will be changing exercises thorough out the week with the different phases.

During the week you will be doing resistant training, circuit training, and interval training.

There is a nice workout log that is easy to follow and track your workouts.  If you are a newer lifter there is a beginners workout as well.

What is Included in the 24/7 Fat Loss Program?

1. 8-week Training manual with all workouts

2. Diet Manual

3. Workout Log Sheets

4. Quick-start Checklist

5. Audio overview

6. Daily Mindset Portfolio (a morning power quote and an evening reflection quote for every day of the program)

7. Hour by Hour Fat-burning Timeline (hourly “exercises” for people to do throughout the day to keep them engaged in their program 24 hours a day)

Overall Thoughts of 24-7 Fat Loss

This program has all the tools need to keep you body to continually burn body fat all day long.  It is not a difficult diet to follow – you have felxiblity to choose the meals you want as long as it contains the correct ratios of carbs, fats or proteins depending on day.

The workouts are not too difficult and does not require lifting heavy weights.  You can easily do most of the workouts at home.    You will not get bored with the workouts as there is a good variety of exercises and the workout changes day to day and week to week. You will not get big or gain much muscle on this program but that is not the goal – its all about fat loss.

Overall I highly recommend giving this diet and workout a try if you want to lose body fat and keep it off!

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24-7 Fat Loss Review

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