30 Minute Free Weights Workout Routine

Why free weights workout routines?

If you are trying to build muscle and gain some muscle mass then free weight exercises are going to be more effective than machines. Free weights are better than machines because you will be working more muscles to keep the weight balanced and using the right correct technique. Free weights help balance and offer a wider range of motion.

It is really easy to create a great free weight workout routine. Here is one of the top choices that I recommend that is pretty simple but very effective for building your core and adding muscle mass. Make sure eating properly to get the best benefits from this routine.

30 Minute Free Weights Workout Routine

Squats, 4×5
Lunges, 3×5
Stiff Legged Deadlift, 3×5

Bench Press, 4×5
Incline Press, 3×5
Dips, 3xFailure

Standing Shoulder Press, 4×5
Barbell Shrugs, 4×5
Barbell Curls, 4×5

Deadlift, 4×5
Pullups, 3xFailure
Bent Over Barbell Rows, 4×5

As you can see, you are only doing 3 exercises per day and your workouts are probably only 30 minutes long. So if you are stressed for time and looking to build muscle fast, then check out this 30 minute free weight routine.

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