4 Exercises You Must Be Doing For Building Muscle

Not all exercises are created equal. If you are trying to build muscle and increase strength there are a few that you must be doing to maximize your progress. Remember, the best exercises for building muscle are compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and allow you to lift the heaviest weight possible. Are you doing these exercises? I hope so!

Must do Exercises for Muscle Growth

1. Squats – I am sure you have heard before that squats are the best exercise for building leg muscles. Squats are not for the faint! They are probably one of the most intense exercises you can do in the gym. If you want to get bigger legs you would be a fool not to do them.

2. Deadlift – I believe deadlift is one of the best all around exercises. You pretty much use every muscle in your body each rep. I didn’t start doing this exercise until a few years ago and I am amazed by how much this will help your back width and overall strength. Deadlift is basically just lifting weight from the ground. As easy as it sounds, it is one of the most difficult exercises to correctly perform as well as one most exhausting exercises. So make sure you are pumped before doing a set of deadlifts.

3. Bench press - For a great overall upper body exercise, bench press fits that bill. I am sure everyone does it, and it probably is over done as it is. Vary between incline press and decline bench presses from time to time to work different areas of your chest.

4. Overhead Press – I love standing overhead or shoulder presses. Do not substitute seated military presses for this exercises. Standing press works the shoulders more directly since your can’t use the seat and chest muscles to help assist the weight up. Overhead press also works your core better as well as improving your balance and stability. Instead of comparing how much you can bench, start focusing on how much can you lift above your head!

Happy Weight Lifting!

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