5 Best Protein Bars

Protein bars are a quick and convenient way of getting some extra energy and protein to your body. Some have very little protein, some are loaded with too much sugar, some have mega calories, some are hard to eat, and some are very expensive. It can be confusing and time consuming looking for the best protein bars. Luckily we made it easy for you to decide with our 5 Best Protein bars list. Be sure to purchase through BuiltFit to get exclusive savings.

5 Best Protein Bars

#1 ISS Research Oh Yeah! Protein Bars

Best Protein BarsOh yeah protein bars are our favorite protein bars to date.  They are loaded with nuts, caramel, and covered with milk chocolate. After eating these you will know why they named the bars Oh Yeah! These bars also com in two sizes depending on how many calories and protein you are looking for per bar. The 380 calories for the bigger bars making it great for those looking to gain weight, while the 170 calories bars might be more ideal for those on a calorie restrictive diet. Cost wise these are a few dollars more than detour 12 pack bars, get them now.

#2 Quest Protein Bars

Quest Top Protein BarsQuest bars are one of top bars as well.  These bars are one of the top customer rated bars.  They are not loaded with worthless gelatin, syrups, and other mysterious ingredients that are not good for you. They are gluten free, Only with bioavailable proteins, and labels you actually understand.  EAch bar contains 20g of protein, and 4g non-fiber carbs.  A protein bar shouldn’t be non healthy like a candy bar, unlike the nutritious Quest bars.  Cost wise these are similar to both Oh Yeah and Detour bars, get them now.

#3 Detour Bars

Top 5 Protein BarsDetour bars is also one of our favorite protein bars for a number of reasons. Overall it is one of the best tasting bars out there. If you like snickers then you will love the caramel peanut flavor. Detour protein bars are also packed with over 30 grams of protein, which is amongst the top of all bars out there. The original bar does have over 300 calories and 11 grams of fat, so be sure to choose the lower sugar bars. Overall the value of the bars is great, you can a box of 12 of these for only $23 – view here.  Buy the bars that have lower sugar.

#4 Promax Protein Bars

Promax Protein BarsPromax offers some of the best tasting at lowest costing bars out there. The one drawback is the 27g of sugar per bar.  Be sure to buy the the bars that are low sugar that contain stevia – avoid the sugar ones. The protein content is 20 grams per bar with total calories of 280. Some of the great tasting bars include: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Cookies N’ Cream, Double Fudge Brownie, Nutter Butter Crisp. Overall these are a great value and be sure to buy the lower sugar ones. A box of 12 of these can be under $17 if purchased here.

#5 Clif Bars

Clif Energy Protein BarsClif Bars are more like and energy bar or snack bar than a protein bar. The do offer more vitamins and minerals than most of the other bars. Another great aspect is the actual fruit, nuts, and other whole foods that are packed into this bar, creating some great taste. Cliff bars contain 8-12 grams of protein and it also packed with plenty of fiber. If you are looking for an overall healthy energy bar then you cannot go wrong with Cliff Bars and there great price 12 for under $13, view here.

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