5 Delicious On The Go Muscle Building Meals

It’s been said that great bodybuilders aren’t made in the gym – but in the kitchen. In today’s hectic world, do you always have time to sit down at the kitchen table to eat?

Being on the go is no longer an excuse for ending up at the drive-thru window. With these 5 protein-packed meals that  are simple, easy, and convenient, you’ll be packing on the muscle – no kitchen table required.

On The Go Meal #1: Breakfast Burrito

-1 Whole Wheat Wrap

-4 Egg Whites

-1 oz. Fat-Free Cheese

-1 cup Diced Tomato

Per Serving – Calories: 283 Fat: 2g  Sat Fat: 0g Protein: 26g Carbs: 43g

With the whole day ahead of you, breakfast is the meal that you probably rush the most. Even if you’re in a rush,  this delicious breakfast is ready in about 5 minutes. You can even at it one-handed on your way to work or the gym.

On The Go Meal #2: Protein Smoothie

-1 Cup Frozen Berries

-1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder

-1 Medium Banana

-1 Cup Flaxseeds

-1 Cup Skim milk

Per Serving – Calories: 417 Fat: 7  Sat Fat: 1g Protein: 35g Carbs: 63g

Need a speedy protein fix? Look no further than this whey protein smoothie. Research shows that whey protein powder is absorbed faster than other protein sources. Pour the smoothie in a coffee tumbler, drop it in your car’s cup holder, and you’re good to go!

On The Go Meal #3: Turkey Kabobs

-7 oz. Lean Turkey Breast

-1 cup Grape Tomatoes

-1/2 cup Sliced Cucumber

-Kabob Skewers

Per Serving – Calories: 193 Fat: 2g  Sat Fat: 0g Protein: 31g Carbs: 15g

These low-carb kabobs are a complete meal on a stick. Because you’re using deli turkey, they can be eaten just about anywhere. The best part? You don’t even need utensils!

On The Go Meal #4: Spicy Tuna Pita

-1 can Solid white albacore (drained)

-1 whole wheat pita

-1 tbsp. Fat-free mayo

-1 leaf Lettuce

Per Serving – Calories: 402 Fat: 7g  Sat Fat: 2g Protein: 47g Carbs: 15g

You can literally palm this high-protein sandwich – making it perfect for dashboard dining.

On The Go Meal #5: Beef Wrap

-Eye or round beef

-Whole wheat wrap


-Sliced tomato

Per Serving – Calories: 361 Fat: 8g  Sat Fat: 1.5g Protein: 50g Carbs: 26g

You don’t need a steak knife to eat beef. This wrap gives you a serious helping of protein without the saturated fat you’d find at your local sandwich joint. Once you grill the lean beef, all that’s left is wrapping it up with fresh veggies.

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