5 Simple Ways To Recession-Proof Your Diet

If the last time you analyzed the cost of your diet was when Yahoo! stock was actually worth something, it might be time to bring your diet in line with our current economic times. Fortunately, you don’t have to radically change your diet to save cash.

A few small tweaks can add up to tremendous long-term savings. Better yet, cutting back on the monthly food bill doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the muscles you’ve worked to hard to develop.

Eat Plant Protein

If an accountant were to look at the cost of your food, he’d probably notice that over half of your expenses went to one single nutrient: protein. While protein is critical for muscle building, it doesn’t always have to be in meat form. By and large, animal protein is 4-5x more expensive than high-quality plant protein sources like soy, beans, and lentils.

Audit Your Supplements


The science is clear: most supplements do nothing. It’s wise to periodically turn yourself into a lab rat and test out which supplements are shrinking your stomach –and not just your wallet.

On the bright side, the supplements that work best, like whey and creatine, are generally the cheapest

Get Frozen Produce

$8.00 for a pint of strawberries?! That’s the kind of sticker shock that greets many people as they try to buy fruits and veggies out of season. You can cut this expense by 25%-50% by going frozen. The best part? Research shows that frozen vegetables have the same nutrition as their fresh counterparts.

Buy In Bulk

For most people, buying in bulk is more of a hassle then it’s worth. But for the aspiring bodybuilder who eats his weight in protein alone, it’s a wise investment. While joining a club like BJ’s is the obviously way to go, you can also purchase in bulk over the internet or even at your local supermarket which oftentimes has weekly specials for items bought in large quantities.

Make a Plan


You might find that you spend a fair amount of your food budget on last-minute grocery runs or meals on the go. It’s not a bad idea to make a draft of your weekly meals based on one part economics and one part physique building.

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