5 Ways To Interval Train That You’ve Never Heard Of

Interval training involves short bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest. Although exciting, the same old interval training can quickly become tedious.

Interval training has been proven in several studies to be much more effective at burning fat than more traditional cardio that involves moderate levels of exercise done over 30-60 minutes. A study done at Laval University in Quebec showed that interval trainers lost an insane 9 times more fat than people who did moderate cardio.

So whether you’re new to interval training or you want some variety in your workouts check out these 5 unique interval training workouts.

1. Burpees

You probably remember doing these exercises during PE in grade school. They might have seemed easy then but doing them as part of a interval training workout will have you screaming like a little school girl.

If you can’t remember what burpees are, here’s a quick review. You start in a standing position then bend down, thrust your legs out behind you so you’re in a push up position, then you bring your legs back up to your waist and stand up straight.

2. Medicine balls

Using medicine balls to do an interval training workout really builds upper body strength, endurance, and cardio. Plus you don’t need a ton of space to do this workout. Take a medicine ball and throw it at far as you can and sprint to go pick it up and repeat for 30 seconds.

3. Tire flipping

Want to look like the guys from the movie 300? They did plenty of interval training using tires to build those ripped biceps and six-pack abs. Lay a tire flat on the ground and flip it over and over for 30 seconds…and try not to puke at the end.

4. Floor sweeps

This must be done on hardwood floors or in a gymnasium. Stand on a hand towel, then get in the push up position and start pulling the towel forward under your feet while using your arms to move forward.

5. Band Resisted Stationary Sprints

You’ll need a tree and some string resistant bands for this exercise. Tie the bands to the tree and then to yourself and start running like a mad man. This might look a little strange but this is perhaps the best interval training exercise out there.

Make sure you warm-up and stretch before doing these exercises. These unique interval training workout routines will keep things fresh and have you looking great.

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