8 Fitness Trends That Will Rock 2010-2020, Part 1

The 00’s saw the emergence of NO2 as a mainstream supplement, the low-carb craze, and people getting in shape from playing video games. By 2020, some of these trends will be nothing but fodder for VH1’s “I Love the 10’s”, while others will continue their meteoric rise.

What will the next 10 years bring?

Let’s look at our crystal (Swiss) ball to find out:

#1 Paleo-Mania

As scientists compare our genetic makeup with humans from ancient times, they tend to notice one thing over and over again: nothing’s changed. Even though most people think that we’re different than our caveman ancestors, research suggests quite the opposite.

In fact, many top health researchers suggest that it’s the “collision” of our ancient genome with our modern-day world that’s the underlying cause of obesity, diabetes, and injuries.

No wonder that the popularity of a Paleolithic lifestyle has skyrocketed, and will continue to do so. As more research emerges supporting the ideal diet as one reflecting our cavemen ancestors, and not the fatally flawed USDA food guide pyramid, the ranks of paleo enthusiasts will continue to grow.

Paleo-mania isn’t confined to diet. There’s growing interest in exercising like a caveman by sprinting up dirt hills, swimming, and lifting rocks.

#2 Techno-Health

People are increasingly interested in quantifying their workouts. They want to know how many calories they burned, how this compares to the last workout, and what effect their new routine has had on their body composition.

Expect a surge in the way technology influences every part of our workouts. Calorie tracking is just the beginning –look out for hydration sensors, accurate at-home body fat analysis, and text messages that motivate us to workout.

#3 Fun Workouts!

Not surprisingly, people are fed up with their menu of exercise options consisting solely of the treadmill and the weight room. That’s why fun workouts like Zumba, striptease exercise classes, and Wii Fit have taken the world by storm. Expect more and more gyms and video game systems to cater to the fun and adventurous side of fitness enthusiasts.

Don’t be surprised to see more and more people taking their workouts outside the gym and using the internet to hook up with sports leagues of all kinds.

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