8 Fitness Trends That Will Rock 2010-2020 Part 2

In article #1 of our Fitness Trends That Will Rock 2010-2020 we documented the contradictory rise of cavemen and techno obsessed lifestyles and the demand for workouts to be fun.

Our final 4 trends paints a decade filled with a fair amount of sprinting, sweaty mall shoppers, and workout prescriptions.

#4 Death of Jogging

The writing’s on the wall: interval training blows away traditional steady-state cardio. The question for the next decade isn’t whether more experts will recommend interval training, but whether steady state will still be around.

Interval training is better for your heart, your body composition, and your joints. Expect more research to come out finding new and surprising advantages for interval training.

#5 Working Out 24/7

Ever see Fit Flops or Sketchers Shape Ups? These 2 footwear products reflect a growing dichotomy of lack of time and desire to be fit. Don’t have time to hit the gym tonight? No problem: just take a brisk walk with these special shoes!

While the effectiveness of these products remains to be seen, their popularity can’t be denied. Watch out for “resistance training” shopping carts and other everyday devices having the option to burn calories.

#6 Fit Health Care

More hospitals are squeezing gyms and physical therapy centers into their space. Why? Exercise works better and is significantly cheaper than most medical treatments. When you go to your doctor in 2015 with a sore back expect a prescription for an exercise routine –not a pill.

#7 Cheap Workouts

We’re all hoping the economy improves, but it’s not looking that way. On the bright side, gym membership and class fees are free-falling as health clubs scramble to break even. In a few years, activation and sign up fees won’t be around any longer.

The economy will also drive people to look for ways to get fit at home or outside. Sales of resistance bands have exploded in the last 5 years, and expect reasonably sized and priced workout equipment to be a mainstay in the home.

#8 Step by Step Bodies

People don’t want to put together their own exercise plan, or even follow it. While personal training sessions are declining in popularity, boot camps and Biggest Loser type competitions are on the rise. The “one size fits all”, comprehensive nature of these step by step packages appeal to our time-crunched culture that doesn’t want to put the pieces of the fitness puzzle together themselves.

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