A Solid Foundation for Muscle Building

Muscle Building
It is pretty clear that if you want to see the best results with your body, you need to have a firm foundation to start with. Even though bodybuilding is a simple process, some people try to make it much more complicated than it needs to be. For about a hundred years the basics have been the same. You lift, eat, rest, and grow. How much more simple can it get? I suggest that bodybuilders need to get back to basics if they truly want to see results.

Here are some core exercises that any bodybuilder should know and be able to do correctly:


The barbell squat works multiple muscle groups, so this helps to build overall mass. When you do squats you are working your legs, hips, and lower back. Squats also increase muscle growth because your endocrine system is releasing hormones as you workout. You legs are getting a great workout here, but the rest of your body has to work at stabilization. This is a great stand-by exercise that everyone should know and do on a regular basis.


The deadlift is an effective exercise that also works multiple muscle groups at a time. If this is not part of your normal workout regimen, it should be. This is a core power movement, do you are using almost every muscle in your body. You will feel this exercise mainly in your thighs and back, but the results will be seen everywhere in your body. Again, this is another great exercise for stimulating muscle growth.

Bench Press

Of course the bench press is another basic exercise that bodybuilders should incorporate into their routine. This exercise is crucial if you want to build a strong chest. If you are looking to build mass then use heavier weights and fewer reps, then switch to medium weights with higher reps.

For many people the main objective of their workouts is to gain muscle mass. If this is the case, then you must understand progressive overloads. This is the process of slowing increasing the stress on the body when you are weight training. This is often used in physical therapy and high intensity training. The reason that this is so widely used it because it works. Our muscles need to be challenged in order to grow. This is only natural.

Progressive Overload

With progressive overload your body will be forced to adapt and do more work than it normally does. You can do this in a variety of ways. This could be increased weight, increased sets, increased reps, or increased intensity. It just depends on your individual goals. Unfortunately you won’t be able to use progressive workload forever. Eventually you will hit a plateau. This is totally normal and nothing to worry about. There is a method to get you past this plateau—it is called the conjugate method.

The conjugate method was originally developed in the USSR, but the process was refined in the U.S. The literal definition of “conjugate” is “to join together”. This is an apt description of what this method does—it combines multiple exercise techniques. With the conjugate method, different lifting exercises are combined which allows you to increase weight and gain muscle. The catch is the exercises have to be closely related. You will be working the same muscle groups, just in slightly different ways. By mixing it up a little bit, you can overcome that plateau.

I believe that it is important to get back to basics, but whatever exercise you do, be sure that you always have proper form and technique. Without proper form and technique, you won’t be getting the right results and you may risk injury. Hopefully, with these basic exercises and the right form, you will start building muscle, gaining mass, and meeting your physical fitness goals.

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