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Why Weightlifting Will Help You Lose Fat

Many people shy away from weightlifting in their fat loss programs, and focus their training on cardiovascular, aerobic, exercise. This can be detrimental to a good fat loss program for several reasons. And, contrary to popular belief, you will not … Continue reading

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Best Upper Ab Workouts and Exercises

The upper abdominals make up the majority of the abdominal muscle. They are the most prominent part of the “six-pack.” They are not, however, exclusive of the lower abdominals. The entire abdominal muscle is worked during abdominal exercises, but it … Continue reading

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Tips to Lose Fat and Build Muscle Simultaneously

Losing fat and building muscle at first glance look to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. One requires reducing calories and increasing activity levels while the other requires increasing calories and changing the activity level. However, when planned properly, … Continue reading

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Simple Fat Loss Tips: Sticking To The Basics

Fat loss is not a simple game. If it were there would be far fewer overweight people around. For most people, it is not lack of trying that keeps them fat; it is often lack of knowledge that keeps them … Continue reading

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A Healthy Fat Loss Hamburger

Do you enjoy eating burgers but are guilty of the high fat content? Well here is a fat burning burger recipe you are sure to like compliments of Metabolic Cooking 2.0. Asian Turkey Burger Makes 3 Servings (3 Burgers) Ingredients … Continue reading

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5 Best Protein Bars

Protein bars are a quick and convenient way of getting some extra energy and protein to your body. Some have very little protein, some are loaded with too much sugar, some have mega calories, some are hard to eat, and … Continue reading

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How To Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle – The Easy to Follow Guide Look…let me tell you building muscle is hard but very rewarding. It takes a lot of work, dedication, focus, and consistency. There are also some sacrifices you are going to … Continue reading

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How Much Protein Do You Need to Build Muscle

How Much Protein is “Enough”? It’s no secret that protein is one of the most important nutrients in a muscle builder’s diet. If you flip through the pages of today’s muscle mags,  with their unrelenting focus on protein, you’d be … Continue reading

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The Truth About Muscle Building Nutrition

It really is remarkable how antiquated ideas about nutrition and muscle building stick around long after they’ve been proven wrong by science. Maybe it’s the fact that people are too lazy to brush up on the latest info on diet … Continue reading

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Hey guys, I am looking for people interested in doing a transformation contest based on the new BuiltFit ProLifts3 workout. Did you get your free copy, if not click here signup I am starting a new Prolifts3 Workout cycle in … Continue reading

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