Bench Press Mondays and Don’t Be That Guy

Anyone every notice how packed the flat bench presses are in the gym on Mondays? I mean it must be the international bench press day. Whenever I am looking to do bench press on Mondays it always seems like every bench is full and a few people are waiting as well. To top it off, there seems to be like 3 people per bench just talking forever between sets!

I tend to do bench press on Wednesdays to avoid this problem. It can get worse before spring break and right after new years as well.

Another thing that irritates me in the gym is the same guys working out arms all the time. There are a few people I always see on multiple days doing curls, shoulder raises, and a few other dumbbell arm exercises. Some of these people have never gotten under a squat rack or lifted a heavy weight in their life. If you want to get big you have to lift heavy weights, do core exercises, and hit every muscle group.

Do not be one of those persons that only works out upper body and doesn’t put any effort into their training.
Anyone else experience the same things in their gym?

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