Beyond Whey and Creatine: 4 Secret Supplements For Building Mass

Like bench pressing and squats, creatine and whey will always be a cornerstone of a muscle builder’s life. However, they are far from the only two supplements that get results.

In fact, four intensely researched supplements are emerging as more effective than many of the top supplements on the market today.

Secret Supplement #1: HMB

HMB, beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, is not your typical muscle builder. Instead of initiating more muscle growth, HMB actually works by preventing muscle damage and muscle breakdown –two inevitable processes that put a low ceiling on growth. However, HMB’s muscle-shielding action results in a net balance of more muscle.

Research published in Journal of Applied Physiology found just that. When given to strength training young men, HMB beat the placebo group in total muscle growth in just 2 weeks.

Secret Supplement #2: D-Ribose

D-ribose acts in a similar fashion to creatine –giving your muscles extra ATP (energy), when they need it. In fact, researchers out of the University of Florida found that ribose boosted strength when combined with exercise.

Secret Supplement #3: CoQ10

Although typically taken to help struggling hearts work better, there’s emerging research suggesting that you can also take CoQ10 to help your struggling biceps. Because CoQ10 has been shown to give muscles of all kinds a boost, you can use CoQ10 to give a little extra jolt to your workout sessions.

A recent study done on martial artists showed that CoQ10 protects your muscles against workout-related damage. In that study the subject’s muscles were more protected from oxidation and CoQ10 delayed the time it took for them to poop out at the end of their workout.

Secret Supplement #4: CLA

While conjugated linoleic acid may not be the muscle builder supplement marketers would have us believe, it’s clear that CLA is a potent fat burner. What separated CLA from other fat burners is that it laser targets stubborn belly fat.

In fact, research out of Sweden concluded that: CLA was able to: “…decrease abdominal fat, without concomitant effects on overall obesity or other cardiovascular risk factors”.

Put plainly, CLA hits the belly fat and love handle area hard.

If you’ve hit a plateau and are looking for a new supplement to push you over the edge, give one or more of these fantastic and safe supplements a shot.

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