Blowtorch Love Handles With These 3 Exercises

Love handles might hold the record for most flattering name for an unwanted body part. Actually, “unwanted” doesn’t begin to cover it –an ocean of ink has been spilled by writers claiming to hold the formula that will cause much-hated love handles to disappear. Unfortunately, most love handle tricks are useless and do nothing but leave you with sore sides from endless sets of side crunches.

That’s not to say you have to get used to those flabby mounds on the side of your waist. There are a number of killer exercises that won’t just burn, but blowtorch away those stubborn love handles.

Love Handle Torch #1:Interval Training

If you think that your love handles are going to fade by marching on the treadmill like a brainless zombie, you’ve got another thing coming. While the treadmill may say you’re in “fat burning mode”, your body disagrees. To go after not just fat, but waistline fat, high intensity interval training is a must.

Research shows that interval training burns more fat, especially in the midsection, than traditional steady-state cardio.

Love Handle Torch #2: Yoga

If you are like most people, you sit for most of the day. Sitting compresses the spine and lower back, making our midsection compress like an accordion. One little-known way to make love handles quickly disappear is to start doing yoga. Yoga is a clinically proven to extend the spine –lengthening the waist and distributing your love handles more evenly along the sides of your body.

For bit of extra love handle destruction, try intense power yoga. Not only does this style of yoga simulate interval training, but lengthens the side waist at the same time.

Love Handle Torch #3: Side Planks

What trips many people up is the idea that, just because you can’t spot reduce fact just by exercising the muscle beneath the fat, that exercising that area doesn’t make a difference. It does.

Everyone is so incredibly crunch-oriented with their ab workouts that they end up with a six-pack framed with flab. If this sounds like you, it’s time to get introduced to the brutally intense (and effective) side planks.

To do a side plank, simply get into a typical plank position (like a pushup with your forearms on the ground), then turn onto the side of one foot and lift your opposite arm off of the ground. This will work and tone your lower back and oblique’s –two areas often neglected in a quest for killer abs –and help remove love handles that developed from neglect.

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