Boosting Testosterone for the Weight Trainer

Muscle MassTestosterone is a steroid hormone mainly secreted by the testes. At the pinnacle of its power, testosterone builds muscle mass, increases sexual pleasure, and improves your overall fitness. The fact that testosterone is absolutely critical to increasing muscle mass makes raising the amount of this powerful hormone in your body vital to a bodybuilder’s daily regimen.

Testosterone an Building Muscle

So how does testosterone develop muscle mass? During exercise, your muscles use blood glucose as fuel until it runs low; they then resort to glycogen breakdown and an undesirable loss of muscle mass. Your friend testosterone slows down this process. It also synthesizes proteins needed to actively make more muscle after a workout. More muscle means a faster metabolism which means more testosterone produced!

It’s not hard to predict that eating well and staying clear of fad diets will boost and maintain your testosterone levels for more effective bodybuilding. Believe it or not, “good” fat helps keep your muscles healthy. Nuts and other foods high in monounsaturated fats are a great choice for meeting the recommended 30% of fat in your diet to elevate testosterone levels.

Increasing Testosterone with Protein

Protein in your diet also plays an essential part in increasing testosterone. Meat is an excellent source of protein, and you should go for fish, poultry, and lean beef while steering away from fatty red meat like pork or lamb. Egg and whey are also rich in protein. Be careful though: research shows that your protein intake should hover around 16% of your daily calories, not too much more or less.

Eating the right vegetables can raise your testosterone levels as well. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables are filled with a substance that does just that. Try to shoot for two servings daily of these helpful veggies.

While kicking up your testosterone at home, it’s probably more intuitive to optimize your workouts at the gym. Exercise in the morning when testosterone production peaks slightly. Train multiple muscles at once; for example, do squats instead of bicep curls. Lift heavier weights with lower reps, and keep your time under tension within the optimal 40 to 70 seconds. Do three sets of each exercise with one minute rests between each.

Lifestyle changes, in addition to diet and exercise tweaks, are equally as important in reaching high testosterone levels. It’s absolutely essential to sleep for a full 8 hours per night and to avoid overstressing yourself. High stress produce cortisol, an antagonistic hormone that reduces testosterone levels. Do not overtrain or strain muscles for two days in a row. Lastly, don’t binge drink. Alcohol not only taxes your liver but also your testosterone.

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

If sticking to this bodybuilder diet, workout method, and testosterone-boosting lifestyle is not enough for you, check out these all-natural legal supplements. ZMA is a product with zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6: all essential to increasing testosterone levels and muscle strength. Another great supplement is HumanoGrowth, composed of Humanofort and Lean Muscle Accelerator (LMA). Humanofort is an embryo extract that elevates levels of testosterone and other hormones for better overall health and sleep quality. The plasma protein LMA helps to convert dietary protein into muscle and to burn more fat instead of muscle when dieting.

Now that you know how to eat, live, train, and even what supplements to take to naturally kick testosterone levels into high gear, you are well under way to building more muscle with less sweat. Go out and get that perfect physique.

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