Optimum ZMA

In the world of bodybuilding, it is common practice to stack supplements to achieve optimum results. This is because the human body is a complicated device, requiring numerous vitamins, minerals and supplements in order to achieve optimum levels of fitness. While a comprehensive multivitamin is considered a foundational supplement and creatine is often said to be the crème de la crème of muscle builders, most serious bodybuilders also swear by ZMA supplements, and for this reason they are often components of hardcore lifter’s supplement stacks. Of the numerous ZMA supplements on the market today, Optimum’s ZMA is consistently ranked among the best.

Optimum’s ZMA is designed to serve two purposes; to increase levels of testosterone in the body and to thereby increase muscle strength. This is due to the combination of three ingredients which makes up the ZMA compound: Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. The effects of ZMA are most marked in athletes 28 and older, as they are more likely to be suffering from testosterone deficiency. In addition to age playing a role in the effectiveness of this product, it should also be noted that ZMA is far more effective in athletes that are already well trained and in great shape.

Optimum ZMA is designed to be taken before bedtime, and most users report that it significantly improves the quality of sleep they achieve. Insomnia can be a real issue for serious bodybuilders, especially considering that many of the supplements that are widely used contain large quantities of caffeine, ginseng, and other stimulants. This increased ability to get proper sleep also increases the efficiency with which muscles recover from grueling workouts. Optimum ZMA has been proven repeatedly to aid in strength and endurance, as well as to speed recovery. It is available in capsule form, and the instructions clearly state different dosing for males and females (too much testosterone isn’t recommended for the ladies). It is also a fairly inexpensive, running about $15 for 90 pills, with a 3 pill recommended dosage (for men). It is intended to be taken before bed.

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