Protein Diet Bars

If you are considering turning to protein bars as your bulk-up bodybuilding supplement of choice, you probably already know that nearly all of these products have a fairly astronomical calorie count, as well as copious amounts of fat, saturated fat, carbs, sugar, and often corn syrup. These factors combined can mean that protein bars can actually be counterproductive – adding fat rather than the lean muscle we all strive for. Fortunately, at least one company is looking out for the fat, calorie, and car conscious among us. Optimum Nutrition has created a line containing their famous Complete Protein Diet Bars, which are designed to provide a protein boost without the excessive unwanted extras found in so many standard protein bars.

ON’s Protein Diet Bars are among the top rated diet protein bars, consistently earning top marks in the categories of taste and protein content. These revolutionary Protein Diet Bars are available in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from chocolate mint to toasted coconut. Each flavor is under 200 calories per bar, which is a far cry from the almost 300 calories per bar found in most standard protein bars. In addition, Protein Diet Bars also contain an impressive 20 grams of protein per single serving bar, and they are soft, chewy and delicious.

One of the biggest selling points for any protein bar bodybuilding supplement is convenience. They are designed to be easily portable, have long shelf lives, and can be eaten as a total meal replacement. If you choose to utilize Protein Diet Bars as a meal replacement, it is important to keep in mind that while they are filling and have a fairly significant calorie content they really do not contain a measurable levels of any of the RDA specified vitamins or minerals. This means that they are probably not the best choice for long term meal replacement use.

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