Build Massive Forearms Without Stepping Foot In a Gym

Unless you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, your forearms are always exposed and visible. Despite this simple fact, forearms get no love in the gym. Even though your abs take a 8-month hibernation during the fall and winter, never seeing the light of day, you’d be hard pressed to find someone doing wrist curls as often as they do crunches.

If your gym sessions are already jam-packed, try these moves you can do just about anywhere to build forearms that would make a lumberjack jealous.

Rock Climbing

Unlike wrist curls, rock climbing uses your forearms the way they were meant to be used: grabbing stuff as hard as possible. The best part is, because you’re climbing, pulling, and balancing, it greatly resembles many weight lifting exercises –giving your body functional strength you can bring back with you to the gym.

If you happen to live in a flat, square state with no elevation to be found, do a quick search for your nearby rock gym.

Grip Builders

These do require a $15-$20 investment, but they’re well worth it. Portable grip builders are great because you can literally do them in the car, waiting in line, or even on the way back from the gym.

There are a ton out there, but make sure to look for a version that works individual fingers, like this:

That way, you’ll know that your entire forearm/hand area is getting a thorough and balanced workout.

Plate Pinchers

If you have a few 5 or 10-pound plates lying around your basement, you have a killer forearm workout. Simply pinch the plates together while holding them by your sides. If you can do this fairly easily, try quickly brining them up to about shoulder level and back down.

After about 30 seconds of this, your forearms will be begging for mercy!

Wrist Circles

This is a great way to warm up your forearms, or if you add a bit of resistance, a brutal test of endurance.

Simply make a “T” with your arms and while keeping the rest of your body still, circle your wrists with your hands extended. See if you can do this for 60 seconds. If so, it’s time to add some weight to the mix.

To pump up the intensity, try doing wrist circles with funny-shaped household objects like supplement bottles, food containers, or pots and pans.

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