Builtfit.com ProLifts3 Transformation Contest

Prolifts3Hey guys,

I am looking for people interested in doing a transformation contest based on the new BuiltFit ProLifts3 workout.

Did you get your free copy, if not click here signup

I am starting a new Prolifts3 Workout cycle in two weeks and you are glad to follow me.
Summer is gone and it is time for me to pack on some muscle again.

About The Contest

  • I need at least 10 people to start the contest.
  •  The contest will last 10 weeks.
  • You need to provide before and after photos as well as before and after measurements and lifting performances
  •  You will need to log your lifts at least weekly in the Builtfit forum that will be setup.
  • You should be looking to gain muscle and increase strength
  • Contest will start Oct. 1 or Oct.8.

I will throw in some supplement prizes and perhaps a BuiltFit T-shirt to winners based on actual entries.

Please comment below or email me if you are interested. 

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    Please leave your comments below!

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