Burning Fat Over the Holidays: Tips for Cardio in the Cold

Many people prefer to do cardio workouts outside -but what can you do when temperatures drop? There are a number of strategies that you can do during the holiday season to keep your cardio outside despite frigid weather.

Burning Fat – Wear the right gear

Look, not everyone lives in sunny Florida or California, so for the majority of the country that means ugly winters with cold temperatures. If you insist on doing cardio outside, it’s actually not that bad if you wear the right gear.

The foundation of any outdoor cold weather cardio gear is a quality pair of running pants. No, they are not the most macho things for guys to wear, but you can always cover them up with some sweats if you have to. A good pair of running tights that are water and wind proof will keep your legs nice and warm. Also, a quality long sleeve running shirt made out of the same material as the running pants does wonders.

The tighter the shirt the better, because it keeps the heat in while the shirt wicks up the sweat. A comfortable winter hat is also a must. The best material for hats are fleece because they are soft and do not itch. Avoid wool, as the itching can be unbearable once you start working up a sweat.

Try interval training

Interval training workouts are quick and intense. A study published in the June, 2007 Journal of Applied Physiology showed that interval training workouts are more effective at burning fat and speeding up metabolism than long intermediate cardio workouts.

An interval training workout routine can be completed in less than 15 minutes, meaning you only have to survive the elements for a short period of time before you can get back indoors.

Don’t Neglect the Warm-Up

Warming up by stretching gets the blood flowing and the muscles primed for a good cardio workout. Stretching for 10-15 minutes indoors eases the transition from going indoors to outside.

Hydrate and eat

It’s important to be hydrated during cold weather workouts. Even though you may not be pouring down sweat like you do in the summer, your body is still working hard and expending energy. Also make sure you eat some good quality carbs an hour or two before you run. Food helps the body keep warm and gives you energy to work hard.

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