Creating An Effective Workout When You’re Short On Time

WorkoutsIf you’re someone who always seems to be pressed for time and lately it’s been getting harder and harder to make it to the gym for your regular workouts, fret not. If you make some smart changes to the way you go about your sessions, you can still fit in a great workout session in under 20 minutes time.

It’s important that you do have a plan of action to put into place when you are really in a hurry because if you don’t, the chances that you just decide to skip the session altogether will be that much greater.

Use the following techniques to come up with your own effective workout routine that you can use on any day when you need to get in and get out.

Drop Sets

The very first technique to consider when you’re creating a shortened workout session is adding some drop sets to the mix. Drop sets will be where you perform one set of your normal exercise using your standard weight and then immediately after that set is finished, you drop the weight by about five pounds and squeeze out another set.

Once that second set is finished, drop the weight one more time and then perform as many reps as possible until full exhaustion.

This will easily allow you to work those muscles to the point of fatigue while getting in three sets in the same time it normally takes you to do one (including your rest period).

Keep in mind that these will be very intense sets so avoid making every single exercise in the workout program a drop set but definitely do consider adding two or three to speed up your workout session.


The second great way to shorten up your workout while still getting all the benefits you normally would is to incorporate supersets into the routine. If you’re doing a full body session, this will work really perfectly because you can begin pairing one upper body exercise with one lower body exercise back to back.

Since the upper body will rest while the lower body is working and vice versa, this really cuts back on the total amount of rest time you have to use throughout the entire time you’re in the gym.

Even better is that supersets are one of the well-known techniques to really ramp up the metabolism and enhance fat burning, so if that’s a goal, these will be perfect for you.

Consider Circuit Training

Moving on, circuit training proves to be yet another way some people will shorten up their workouts while still making sure they receive good benefits.

Circuit training applies a similar principle as supersets do only this time rather than going back and forth between just two exercises, you’re going to be doing on exercise immediately after the other, performing eight to ten in a row to form the circuit.

Once the entire circuit is complete, you then take a one to two minute break before running through it a second and possibly third time.

Focus On Compound Lifts

Finally, last but not least, when you’re pressed for time with your workouts, you want to be sure that you’re making every exercise you perform count.

This means rather than performing isolation exercise after isolation exercise, turn to the compound movements.

These are going to work more than one muscle group at once, thus deliver far superior benefits in way less time. If you can make up 80% of your workout with compound exercises and then add a few isolation exercises at the end to finish off, this will be the ideal set-up when the clock is ticking.

So there you have some of the key tips that you must remember in order to shorten up your workouts but keep them effective at the same time. Remember that a short workout will always be better than no workout so don’t let yourself get into the habit of thinking if you don’t have a full 60 minutes, you should skip the gym entirely. Get in there and make the most of the time you do have.

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