Does Cardio and Getting Bigger Mix?

Should you be doing cardio when trying to gain weight get bigger? This is a common question that comes up a lot. In theory as long as you are eating more calories than what you are burning then you should be able to gain weight. Although the more rigorous your cardio, the tougher it is to consume enough calories to overcome your basal metabolic rate and the calories burned during cardio.

As a general rule, you should really limit the amount of cardio you are doing while bulking or gaining weight. I would only be doing it twice per week for less than 30 minutes. Just remember that as you increase your cardio or other calorie burning activities, you will need to consume more quality food.

So, should I just eliminate cardio all together? I would still be some cardio for its other health benefits that you cannot get from just lifting weights.

To learn more about how many calories you should be consuming see the article I wrote on Muscle building Basics.

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