Eat Right At Night: Smart Evening Snacks

groceryAs you wind down for the day, are you under the belief that you should avoid eating at all costs? Far too many people incorrectly assume that if they have a light snack before bed, that food that they eat is going right to their butt, hips, or thighs.

While it’s true that you are at risk of fat gain with too much late night eating, if you are sure to incorporate the calories from that late night snack into your daily diet and then make some smart food choices, this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer negative consequences.
When properly planned, you can certainly add a late-night snack to your daily diet and continue on getting the great results you’re looking for. The key is making sure that this snack is high in protein content as well as being low in carbs so that it doesn’t set off your hunger level and cause you to consume more and more food.

Let’s go over some of the top late-night snack choices that you should consider adding to your daily diet.

Cottage Cheese And Peanut Butter

The top late-night snack that will definitely top off your nutritional intake for the day is cottage cheese with some natural peanut butter. This is the most ideal snack because the protein in the cottage cheese will digest very slowly in the body, thus providing a steady stream of amino acids to the muscle tissues throughout the evening hours.
Then when you pair it with some natural peanut butter you’re going to slow down the release of the protein even further yet, really ensuring that you don’t experience any hunger throughout the night.

Greek Yogurt With Almonds

Second, another good option that has similar benefits as that of cottage cheese and peanut butter is Greek yogurt with almonds.

Again you’re going to get a good source of protein with the Greek yogurt and hardly any sugar at all, which must be avoided late in the evening, and then the almonds will provide some healthy unsaturated fats to satisfy your hunger and add some crunch.

If you want to add in a few blueberries for added flavor, feel free to do so. These are so low in calories that they won’t impact your daily diet all that much but may really make the snack that much more appealing.

Salmon With Green Beans

If you’re someone who prefers to stay away from dairy, salmon is a good option to choose instead. Salmon provides the protein and healthy fats in a single source and if you serve it with a few green beans on the side, you’ll add some fiber to this snack as well.

Salmon is a variety of fish that tends to be lower in overall mercury levels, making it a wise choice to include on a regular basis.

Steak Salad

Finally, the last great late-night snack to consider adding to your day is steak salad. Steak is an excellent source of protein and since it is so dense, it takes a while to digest in the body as well. It will likely contain a small amount of saturated fat, but as long as you’re keeping the other meals of your day lower, this will be fine to have.

Small doses of saturated fat will actually help to enhance the testosterone levels in the body which is a key nutrient that is needed to complete the muscle building process.
So there you have some great snacks to consider before you turn in for the evening. If you can keep it to these rather than the typical ice cream, chips, or other snack foods, you’ll have no trouble staying lean and reaching your fitness goals.

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