Eat These 7 “Cheat” Meals Without Killing Your Results

It’s finally cheat day as you turn into your local Mc Donald’s drive-thru. Even though you drank nothing but water at the bar on Friday night and ate steamed broccoli for dessert, you can’t help but hear that little voice in your head: “you worked so hard, and your throwing it away with a nasty, greasy meal”.

You work hard, and you deserve to let go now and again. On the other hand, if your cheat meal derails your results, what’s the point of eating a clean diet in the first place?

Enter these cheat meals and snacks, which fall somewhere between a Big Mac and raw spinach.

Steak and Baked Potato

Educated bodybuilders avoid most fatty cuts of steak because of its high saturated fat content and baked potatoes because they’re a starchy white carb. However, an old-fashioned steak and potato dinner has a few redeeming qualities like an incredibly high amount of top-notch protein and a decent helping of fiber.

Protein Bars

Replace that craving for Snickers with a double chocolate protein bar. While the sugar and saturated fat makes most protein bars a no-no during the week, it’s an ideal way to get your chocolate fix without getting flabby.

Reduced Fat Muffin

Commuters may grab a muffin on the way to work under the false assumption that it’s an OK breakfast, but you know that muffins are loaded with trans fat and empty calories.

A reduced fat muffin, or ideally a low-fat and low-sugar muffin, is a great “cheat” snack.

Fruit Smoothie

Naïve health nuts love smoothies, ignoring the fact that it’s essentially candy in disguise. However, if you opt for the “light” version with protein powder, especially after a workout, you’ll have nothing to feel guilty about.

Whole Wheat Mac and Fat-Free Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is one of the best comfort foods out there. But mac and cheese isn’t without some serious downsides, the most obvious being a ton of saturated fat and refined carbs.

By using fat-free cheese and whole-wheat pasta, you’ll be able to bypass these limitations and “cheat” in style.


Jonesing for a salty/fat mix? Look no further than your local falafel stand. Sure, these crunchy balls may be deep fried, but falafels are high in fiber. And because they are cooked with olive oil, they have a decent amount of healthy fat.

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