Eating Healthy at Work to Build Muscle

I am sure you all know how beneficial it is to eating 6 meals a day for muscle building. The problem is that being at work for most of the day makes it difficult to consume some of those meals and get all your calories needed throughout the day.

So lets assume that you have eaten a breakfast before you go to work. You are going to need 3 more snacks/meals for the day, a pre-lunch meal, lunch, and afternoon meal. Depending on how many calories you need the size of the meals might differ between each person.

For those how have a refrigerator and microwave at work

You can bring all your meals for the day in Tupperware or other plastic containers and stash in the refrigerator. Good ideas for all meals should include chicken, turkey and lean beef for protein sources. These can easily be reheated in the microwave. For your carbs/starches you can also store rice, potatoes, and veggies in Tupperware as well. For smaller diets some meals could include yogurt, mixed nuts, cottage cheese, protein bars, and whey protein shakes.

Cooking you meat days ahead of time is also a great idea. Just buy a bunch of chicken or other meat and cook enough for three days a work. Once the chicken has cooled, place it in a plastic container in your fridge and it is ready to go to work with you the next few days.

If you have a microwave but not a refrigerator, you can always bring in a cooler with ice to keep your meals cold.

For those of you without a refrigerator or microwave at work

This can make it really difficult. Nuts are always a good snack. You might also want to start bringing in a shaker bottle with meal replacement or protein drinks. Meal replacement drinks are very effective and all you need is some cold water for them. Protein bars are also very convenient as long as they are not too high in sugar or fat.

Another option would be to bring in a cooler and just make turkey sandwiches with actual cooked meat instead of deli meats. I would avoid most processed deli meats since most have lost their nutritional values. Leftover meats also make good sandwiches and do not need to be reheated.

Finding Time to Eat

Finding time to eat all these meals should not be too much of a problem. Hopefully your boss is not too big of an asshole that he or she will not let you take two other short breaks to eat.

Here are some of the things I eat at work: Bagels, cottage cheese, protein bars, chicken, and turkey sandwiches.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day! Avoid those sodas and coffee at work and stick with water.

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