Eating Well While on The Road

Nutrition on the Road

Eating while on the road is usually pretty easy. There are many restaurant and store options along most highways. However, if you want to eat healthy while your on the road you have to think outside of the box. It is not impossible to eat healthy while traveling, but it does take a little work.

While traveling for the day there are some viable options to help you eat healthy. A small cooler should fit easily in your vehicle and allow you to take along some healthy snacks and meal options. There are also warming bags that can plug into a vehicle to keep food items warm. Beef jerky, fruit, and crackers are all options for snacks that do not need any special storage for a short day trip.

Many restaurants offer healthy fare items, although it is a very small portion of the menu. There are many other choices on the menu that can be prepared healthy, with some substitutions or omissions. Most restaurants will allow you to make small alterations to the food choices, especially if you explain your situation. Sit down restaurants are often a better choice for healthy meal choices than fast food alternatives. Sandwich shops are another choice that allows you to customize your choices.

Convenience stores are often handy when traveling. They allow you to get your gasoline, use the bathroom, and grab a snack or meal. Many convenience stores are now joining with chain sandwich shops, or they have their own sandwich counters. The ones that don’t present a little more of a challenge. You will find racks and racks of snack cakes, chips, and other processed snacks. Many are now starting to carry apples, oranges and bananas. There are more beef jerky choices, healthy cracker choices, and meal replacement drinks and bars available in convenience stores now than there used to be.

Grocery stores are a better choice if available. Some grocery stores offer salad bars, olive bars, or other “convenience” foods that you can prepare. They also have a wide range of healthy snacks available. You can purchase healthy sandwich fillings and wraps to make your own healthy meals. You can purchase healthy fruits and vegetables to snack on, also.

For longer trips, you may need to plan a little more. If your hotel room has a kitchenette with a refrigerator then you can stock up on healthy foods and drinks to get you through your stay. You will have the opportunity to get to know the restaurants in the area, and for the restaurants to get to know you, so you will be able to get healthy choices when eating there. Take the time when you first arrive to find the grocery store, healthy restaurant choices, and any specialty shops that might provide healthy foods and snacks.

Planning ahead and taking the time to make good selections will help make healthy eating easier while on the road. Restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores all offer healthy food choices if you search a little. Packing your own healthy foods in a cooler will make them available whenever you need them. Finding food to eat while traveling is much easier now than it was for our nomadic ancestors, but finding healthy choices often takes a little hunting and gathering.

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