Effective Cardio Exercises for Women

Cardiovascular exercises are not gender specific though some exercises are more popular depending on if you’re talking to a man or a woman. Sometimes this is because of the environment they are conducted in or the equipment that people have to use. It also has a lot to do with what the public’s idea of what activities are for women or men.

Any exercise that produces the effect of fat loss and burned calories is an effective cardio exercise. The majority of cardiovascular exercises are great to burn calories. The longer you do the exercise, the better the chance that you will be able to burn fat. If you want to burn fat, it is better to do lower intensity exercises for longer times. There are lots of effective cardio exercises out there but the following five are great for any woman who wants to lose fat and get fit.

Cardio Exercise #1 – Walking

Because it’s for a longer time and is low intensity, walking is great for fat burning. You can walk for long periods of time and vary your intensity by walking on a woods trail or throwing in some hills. Find yourself a good walking partner and before you know it, you’ll have been walking for an hour without realizing and burning a lot of fat. Conversations help you to forget the fact that your exercising and help you to actually enjoy it. If you have young kids, just pop them into the stroller and you’ll all benefit from a good walk.

Cardio Exercise #2 – Swimming

The way that women are designed, they naturally have less upper body strength than men, while having more lower body strength. Swimming is perfect to build upper body strength in women. Swimming helps you improve both lung and heart health while burning calories and working your muscles. Water holds you up and keeps you from getting joint injuries so it’s great for those just beginning an exercise routine but it’s also great for more advanced people because the water’s resistance can really help with an effective workout.

Cardio Exercise #3 -Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer is a great low impact cardio exercise. There is no damage to the joints like ankles and knees like can happen with jogging or even sometimes walking. While elliptical trainers improve your cardiovascular fitness, they also tighten and tone your hips, thighs, and butt. You’re more likely to be able to burn fat too, since it’s low impact lets you do it for a longer period.

Cardio Exercise #4 -Dance

Dancing isn’t just an exercise – it’s fun! You can join a dance class or you can just dance freestyle in your own living room to your favorite music. Dancing gets your heart rate up, works your lower body (which uses a lot of energy), and improves your mood all at the same time. You dance alone, with a partner, and anywhere there’s room. Dance with music or without, it doesn’t matter so long as you dance.

Cardio Exercise #5 -Everyday Tasks

You run errands, clean the house, travel to work, prepare meals…all of these can become part of your cardiovascular exercise routine if you want them to. When you’re cleaning the house, dance around with the broom for a minute, skip around, climb the stairs several times, take a break from cleaning to just march or hop in one spot. You may feel silly, but it will help you burn calories and giggling at yourself is a great mood booster. If it’s close enough, walk or bike to your work place. Put your meal ingredients across the room and make yourself walk to get them while cooking. When you run errands and several are close to each other, park your car at one and walk to the rest. Every little bit helps. Do what feels right to stay active.

Use one of the above activities or any other you can think of and get moving. You’ll get better health overall, improved cardio fitness, and less body fat.

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