Energy Drink Safety

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you may start to consider using to help keep your intensity higher and promote a better performance is an energy drink.

Or, perhaps you’re not even doing a workout but just looking for a pick-me-up to get you through your afternoon. You’ve heard that these energy drinks are great for fast boosts to your energy and start seriously considering downing one.

But, before you are so fast to drink up, there are a few important points to remember about choosing your energy drink wisely. If you aren’t careful, that energy drink may do you more harm than good.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know

Check The Calorie Content

The very first must-do when you select an energy drink is to check out how many calories it contains. If you’re downing an energy drink that contains 300 or more calories per large serving size (since most people will drink the whole bottle), this could easily set your entire fat loss progress back for the day.

There are calorie-free or low calorie energy drinks that are available, so if your bodyweight is a concern, these are the ones that you want to be choosing.
While the calorie containing energy drinks will provide you with a fuel source, that fuel source will likely cause a fast energy rush followed by a crash – not quite what you’re looking for.

Assess The Caffeine Content

The second thing to look at is the caffeine content of the energy drink. Often caffeine is the primary ingredient that’s giving these energy drinks their kick, so by looking at this you can see where you stand.

If you’re drinking the energy drink later on in the late afternoon or evening, you’ll want to be careful that it’s not going to interfere with you getting to sleep that evening.

If you are having it later on in the day, opt for a natural energy boosting drink that contains herbal ingredients and not caffeine.

Look At The Ingredient Panel

Finally, last but not least, make sure that you check out the ingredient panel on the energy drink you’re considering.

If you see the words’ glucose-fructose’ or ‘corn syrup’ listed on the label, you should immediately put that energy drink back. This ingredient is going to put you at a high risk of fat gain as not only is it providing nutrient devoid calories, but there is only so much fructose storage space in the body and once that’s used up, all remaining fructose consumed will get converted straight to body fat.

So next time you’re in the need for some energy, think twice about choosing your energy drink. While these can be a great way to promote higher energy and get through those trying days when you just feel completely drained, if you don’t choose wisely, they aren’t going to be a smart addition to your plan.

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