Leg Press

Leg Press is a good leg exercise where you can use a good amount of weights, but it should not replace squats as your main leg exercise.

Starting Position: Leg Press is obviously done in a leg press machine.  Adjust the seat, if necessary at a 45degree angle to the ground.  You back should be against the padding and you head should be resting on the head pad.  Your arms can rest to the side or grab the handles on the side.  For normal leg press, position feet a little wider than shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out.

Performing The Lift: Push the weight up and move the safety locks out of place.  Slowly lower the weight as your knees bend toward your chest.  Make sure you go all the way down, where your knees almost hit your chest.  Push the weight back up without locking your legs out all the way.


  • You can vary the width of your feet to isolate more of you inner or outer leg.
  • Do not lock you legs!
  • Go all the way down – no half reps.

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