Stiff Legged Deadlift

Starting Position: You can either do this on a platform or on the ground.  Feet should be a little less than shoulder width apart.  Hold the bar with a over/underhand grip combination or just overhand.  Stand, looking stright ahead and holding bar with your arms straight down in front of you.

Performing the exercise: You are now going to lower the bar close to the ground by bending at your waist.  Keep you head up, looking forward, your back straight, and your knees almost locked.  Do not let the weights hit the ground.  Your arms should be straight the whole time.  Slowly pull the weight back up.

What not to do:

  • Do not let the weight hit the ground
  • Do not look down, keep you head up!
  • Bend your knees to much – keep the pretty straight with just a slight bend.  You do not bend like you do in the normal deadlift.


  • Grip Slippage? – Try the over/underhand grip combination.
  • Use a box or platform – Standing on a box or platform ensures that the weight will not hit the ground as it hands to the side.

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