Fat Loss Supplements – Are They Worth It?

A lot has been written about supplements that allow people to lose fat while still being able to practice lazy, listless habits and eat large amounts of crappy food.

Most of this writing is little more than thinly veiled advertising – go figure that. And there are a whole lot of horror stories in the dieting community about all manner of shady tactics and practices by the makers of these pills which really should be illegal.

Fat Loss Pills

For instance, aside from known poisons inside these pills such as ephedrine and caffeine (yes, it is a poison – it won’t harm you much in small doses, but there’s a reason it makes your heart pump faster), all the way up to truly terrifying additives such as parasite larvae.

If losing weight without sweat means enough to you that you are willing to play host to a creature that will absorb your nutrients and use you like a chest splitter from the Alien movies, then go right ahead.

But believe it or not, there are actually a few fat loss supplements that actually work, without turning you into low rent housing or turning you into a jittery addict.

Fat Loss Supplements

1. Isatori’s Lean System 7, or LS7. One reason LS7 is great is because the offering itself is a class leader. It will help you lose weight (without turning your gut into a critter condo), without making you twitch like a crack addict. Also, Isatori is very good at customer service, and actually offers a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. If it doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, at least you aren’t out your money.

2. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA. CLA is a non essential fatty acid which is actually clinically validated to provide weight loss benefits. Of course, it is not as potent as stimulants, and is definitely not a “get thin quick” miracle pill. If you are not into caffeine at all and just want a little extra help for those last few stubborn pounds, CLA might be for you.

3. Glucomannan. A lot of different supplements are based on fiber supplementation, which is precisely what glucomannan is. If you are dieting but find it hard to battle your appetite and win, this reasonably-priced supplement is just the thing, because it’s just fiber. In peer-reviewed studies, its effectiveness has been shown, and it will cause you to feel more full and eat less. Usually simpler things just work better.

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