Fatty Foods that can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Lose WeightEating Fatty Foods to Lose Fat?

Conventional wisdom tells us that eating fatty foods is bad for you and will prevent you from losing weight. You had probably been told that in order to lose weight you must eat low fat food, but this is not exactly the case.

The key to losing weight is not eating low fat food it is eating the right amount of “good fats”. Of course this is contrary to most of what we hear about weight loss on a regular basis. No one talks about eating fatty food which are high in protein, but these good fats can actually help you to shed fat and meet your fitness goals.

So what are healthy fats? If you sit around eating French fries and potato chips all day, you will get fat. There is no question that these fats are bad for you. Luckily there are fats that are good for you and can help you lose weight in your midsection and get that toned look you want.

Here are three fatty foods that can help you lose weight:

1. Avocados (20 grams of fat)
Avocados were once frowned upon as too fatty for dieters, but we now know that they contain healthy fats and lots of great nutrients that your body needs. Avocados are packed with potassium, vitamin e, folic acid, and b-vitamins.

Adding avocado to salads can increase cartenoid absorption and makes for a tasty and healthy meal. Try eating sliced avocado with eggs or making fresh guacamole. However you choose to eat avocados, you won’t have to worry about ingesting too much fat because it’s healthy fat.

2. Homemade Trail Mix (12 grams of fat)
Unfortunately most store bought trail mixes are not very healthy at all. Many of these trail mixes are filled with junk food such as chocolate chips, crackers, and pretzels. This is not going to help you lose weight.

You can create a healthy trail mix at home. You can combine healthy fats and protein into a homemade trail mix. Try mixing almonds, pecans, raisins, a few pieces of dark chocolate, and a little pinch of sea salt.

Studies have shown that eating nuts can be very beneficial to your health. Adding nuts to your diet can help prevent coronary heart disease and reduce oxidation of blood lipids. Did you know trail mix can do all that?

3. Eggs (7 grams of fat)
Eggs are another food that was once demonized by the health industry because of their connection to cholesterol. In moderation, eggs are a great addition to your diet. Even if you aren’t a big fan of eggs, it is worth giving them a try because they are so nutritionally dense. They also have lots of great protein that can help you lose weight and build lean muscle. Eggs also contain Omega-3 fatty acids which can help prevent heart disease.

In fact, when The International Journal of Obesity compared egg-eaters versus non-egg-eaters the results showed that the egg-eater most a significant amount of weight compared to those who did not eat eggs. This should be enough to convince you to add eggs to your diet.

Healthy fats are a great supplement to your diet plan, but remember to use them in moderation. You don’t want to eat trail mix and avocados all day long. You should combine healthy fats with a lower fat diet in order to create a healthy and balanced eating plan. Eating only low fats foods is a diet myth. There are many benefits to healthy fats if combined with a sensible diet.

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