7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Hype-Free Review of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

There’s a palatable buzz in the fitness industry. And that buzz is the white hot new weight loss and fitness program: the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet by nutritionist Josh Bezoni. But before you shell out your hard earned cash on this new program read my review to see whether the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet is right for you.

Who Is This Guy?

As with any book, you should know about the man (or woman) behind the product. Fortunately, the author of the program — Josh Bezoni – is a highly respected health expert. He’s consulted with top nutrition companies like EAS and helped develop the highly-respected Body for Life nutrition program.

Not only that, but Josh knows the pain of being flat, flabby and out of shape. Before he was the hot-shot nutrition guru he is now, Josh struggled for years with he weight, his diet and his body image.

Now he’s here to help you lose those excess pounds and keep them off…for good!

7 Day Belly Blast Diet – The Basics

You’re probably asking yourself: “what makes the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet different than the gazillion other diet programs vying for my attention?”

The simple and straightforward answer to that is: “In every single way.”

Here is the three-pillar foundation of the Diet:

Ditch “Obesity-Causing” Additives: Processed foods are chock-full of nasty preservatives, colorings and other additives that make you hungry and fat. Unfortunately, many of the foods we think of as healthy are LOADED with nasty chemicals that make your body store fat. That’s why the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet’s first order of business is to unapologetically toss these nasty fake “healthy foods” from your diet.

Time, Combine and Get Lean: One of the most exciting areas in the nutrition field is nutrient timing. It turns out that WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. The program is light years ahead of other diet books in this area. To my knowledge this is the only book out there that gives you the latest science on nutrient combining and meal timing.

A New Way to Move: You may think that you’ve tried every exercise program under the sun. But until you’ve tried the fat-torching cardio program in the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet then you haven’t even scratched the surface of your body’s fat burning capabilities. Even better, the cardio in this program takes LESS time than you’re probably spending now on the boring treadmill!


In the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet you get:

  • 7-Day Belly Blast Diet Manual: This is the nuts and bolts of the program. Gives you the low-down on why the diet industry fails for millions of people each and every year and what you can do to turn the tide.
  • List of Fat-Burning Foods: A comprehensive list of fat, carbs and proteins that you should eat to maximize fat loss and overall health.
  • Day-by-Day Meal Plan: Makes the diet a breeze by giving you EXACTLY what you need to eat every day.
  • Step-By-Step Workout: No guesswork in the gym either: just a complete exercise program for torching fat and building muscle.
  • Quick-Start Guide: No time to pour over the book? No problem! This guide helps you get to the meat of the program so you can start losing fat right away.

Grab a Copy of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet Now

Pros of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Based on Science: The tenets of the 7 Day Belly Diet isn’t based on some guy’s advice on weight loss: every single tip, trick and nugget of wisdom is straight from hard science.

Not Temporary: Don’t let the “7 Day” title fool you. Bezoni’s program is meant to transform your body for good. If you’re sick of yo-yo diets, then the permanent results of the diet is for you.

Step-by-Step: Nothing’s more frustrating than buying a “program” and not knowing what to do after you read through it. Fortunately, the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet holds you by the hand down the road to fat loss.

Cons of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Have to be Dedicated: Unless you’re really ready to permanently lose weight, this program isn’t for you. Although Bezoni helps you get lean and healthy quickly, you have to stick to the program over the long-haul to get results.

No At-Home Program: Although Bezoni provides you with exercises you can do at home, most of them are meant for the gym. I’d like to see a specific at-home exercise program in the next edition.

Final Thoughts

As someone who has his ear to the ground about the latest fitness programs, I have to say that the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet stands head and shoulders above most others.

If you’re looking to trim down, build new muscle mass or just be a healthier human being, then I recommend giving the program a spin.

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7 Day Belly Blast Diet

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